Our Services

In true Earful style, we’ve decided to focus on a few key services for our customers.  We’re very much of the mind that our customers deserve the very best level of expertise so we’d rather get a few things absolutely nailed than “play” at a larger range of things.

As such, you can split our services into two distinct areas:

Doing Clever Things in Audio

We’re as passionate as you about making a noise about your message.  The difference is that we really do get rather loud about it.  Here’s how:

Business Podcast Production - We’ll take you through the whole process of how to give your message legs.  From sitting down with you to understand your product or service through to recording, producing and publishing your Business Podcast, we’ll hold your hand through the entire message optimisation process. 

Audio Testimonial & Case Study Production – Marketing experts the World over know the value of case studies and testimonials.  In the hands of our audio production team, we’ll make them sing (almost literally) and boost their relevance, impact and credibility.    

Doing Clever (Audio) Things with PowerPoint

This is where we join forces with our sister company Eyeful Presentations to push PowerPoint that little bit further.  The fine folks at Eyeful turn to us when they want one of the following services:

Converting PowerPoint to Web Ready Presentation – Incorporating all manner of fancy add-ons like background music, voiceover and bid support functionality.

Converting PowerPoint into a Social Media Resource – Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn…  Using our clever audio capabilities, we’ll optimise PowerPoint and Keynote files so that they grab online attention like never before.  

So in conclusion, if you’re after a service that ensures your message gets the impact it deserves, we’re here to help. 

If this means shouting it from the (virtual) rooftops via audio testimonials, Podcasts and audio presentations, you’ve come to the right place.  


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